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Thyroid Eye Disease Update: Advances in Medical and Surgical Management
Jan 16, 2024

Mayo Clinic surgeons will discuss various forms of thyroid eye disease (TED) and the role that antibodies are playing in the diagnosis and management of the disease. Join to also hear about emerging therapies, including active clinical trials, and surgical advancements for treating proptosis and optic neuropathy due to TED.


Update on Glaucoma Therapies
Nov 30, 2023

Join Mayo Clinic Ophthalmology specialists for an update on glaucoma therapies, including medications, minimally invasive surgery and management of the ocular surface. This webinar is designed for ophthalmologists and features four fellowship-trained glaucoma surgeons presenting


Ophthalmic Genetics – From Genetic Testing to Clinical Trials
Nov 15, 2023

Inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) vary widely, but most of them lead to progressive and/or profound visual symptoms. Timely diagnosis, counseling, and resource discussions are imperative to improve quality of life. Depending on the condition, treatment may be available, often through clinical trials, with the goal to slow the disease for vision preservation. Join this webinar to learn about Mayo Clinic’s comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating IRDs.


CAR-T Cell Therapy: Current Uses and Future Possibilities
Nov 01, 2023

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy is a promising new immunotherapy for certain cancers of the blood, providing long-lasting responses for some patients. It genetically modifies T cells to make them specific for cancer cell markers and activates the immune system to destroy cancer cells. Physicians with the CAR-T cell therapy program at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, will discuss current uses and potential future applications. Mayo Clinic’s program includes an in-house cell manufacturing facility for developing new cutting-edge trials.


Light Adjustable Lens - What Every Ophthalmologist Should Know
Oct 10, 2023

Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed worldwide. Light adjustable lens (LAL) is the only artificial intraocular lens that allows physicians to design, trial and customize a patient’s vision after cataract surgery. Join to understand the key information every eye professional should know about this new technology and analyze real world outcomes from the first year of LAL use at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.


The Future of Facial Nerve Care for Patients with Complex Parotid Tumors
Sept 25, 2023

Dr. Jacob Dey is a Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and expert in facial reanimation. Dr. Eric Moore is a Head & Neck Surgeon and expert in the management of complex parotid tumors. They will be discussing the latest innovations to optimize the outcomes for patients with complex parotid gland tumors and associated facial paralysis.


Awake Spine Surgery: A paradigm shift in neurosurgery
May 10, 2023

Mayo Clinic can perform lumbar fusion, as well as laminectomy and diskectomy, with spinal anesthesia. The awake procedures can lessen operating room time and postoperative pain. Dr. Abode-Iyamah, a neurosurgeon at Mayo Clinic and Dr. Bojaxhi, an anesthesiologist will discuss this procedure and the benefits they are seeing with patients, the types of patients that would be a good fit for this surgery, the importance of collaboration between the anesthesiology and neurosurgery teams and more.


Optimizing outcomes for patients with non-metastatic pancreatic cancer
Dec 7, 2022

Mark J. Truty, M.D., M.S., and colleagues discuss new research improving outcomes in pancreatic cancer. The team shares updates on staging exams, optimal response assessment and novel surgical procedures for traditionally inoperable patients.